Supporting the efforts of Fructoselang Organization is an honorable and tax deductible way to support the environment. The international community of aware and caring investors, supporters, volunteers and donors is astonishing and diverse. We are honored to support research organizations, laboratories that support honorable research methods, and protest groups that are working to keep pest species free and protected. Your donations and support make it possible for us to defend the species that need it, and to support the organizations that need help.

We are currently seeking sponsors for annual Pestilence Ball. This is an opportunity for your company or school organization to be featured on a banner or at a table during the Halloween event of the year!


Our party is the best one in the San Francisco area, and we give great prizes away for the best costume! Sponsor a table, a scary Halloween drink, or a sparkle straw! Donate a prize for the costume contest and the biggest donor gets to be a judge on the three judge panel!

During the holiday season, we are especially conscious that pest-designated species are destroyed in higher numbers. We want to ensure that we protect as many as possible by offering humane methods of trapping and releasing creatures like insects, snakes, mice and rats. Other pest-designated creatures are also victims during the holidays, and we want to make sure that no cockroach is destroyed who could otherwise live. Donate to our cause for the education and illumination of the general population. Bring peace and long life to all the creatures of the earth!


Sponsor our sit in protest in front of New York City’s iconic Macy’s. We will be there with our favorite Cockroach Circ De Soleil, demonstrating the brilliance and intellect of these misunderstood creatures. Our last three protests have been featured on the Today Show, and this one should be no different! Our humans attending will be dressed as pest species and will have factual and fascinating information to hand out to passers by. The Cockroach Circ De Soleil will play every hour on the fifteens, and we are so excited to offer a new event this year – ribbon dancing!

Our team has practiced long and hard. Sponsor them today!