Pest control companies are leaving an environmental footprint… This has to stop!

Pest control companies aim to remove or eliminate pest species from the human ecosystem. They suppose that the human ecosystem is somehow separate and removed from the other animal ecosystems, and should remain this way.

There is no thought that there should be a moderate amount of cooperation between man and animal. There is only the idea that man is frightened by a particular species, or unsure how to live well alongside it, and so it must be eliminated.

Unqualified “Professionals”

Relocating species from the human environment is not something most pest control companies are equipped to do, however this is becoming more and more a common service provided. During removals, the pest control companies shine.

They are able to humanely capture snakes, rats and other animals that are often defined as pests. They safely take these animals to a natural habitat and release them, documenting their release for the local officials.

This helps not only the home or business owner, but also helps the animals establish a better population foothold in their natural environment. Their ownership of the land is sacrosanct, and the pest management firm that does relocations is doing the right thing. Support our partners, Bed Bug Exterminator Denver.

Chemicals, chemicals everywhere…


However, the pest control company that acts primarily as a chemical distribution company is a frightening and powerful group. They are in charge of activities, products and decisions that impact everything from what children eat to the water everyone in a community drinks.

Studies of the impacts of the chemicals used in pest treatment have shown the cancerous and endocrine effects in young and old people, detriment on detriment. There is no reason any entity, governmental, overseen, private or otherwise, should have this kind of power.

Removing pest control firms from their ability to pollute and damage the planet, and from their penchant for destroying the health of human beings, is the role of every one of us. Protecting our animal friends is a significant side benefit. Join our movement today to make sure that pest control practices do not pollute your area and destroy your animal friends.