bruceFructoselang Organization takes great pride in protecting the rights of insects and species that are normally defined as pests by human beings.

We attempt to protect the lives and rights of these animals in order to maintain a balance appropriate to the environment and the ecosystem.

When human beings take the selfish and short sighted approach of removing species from the environment because they are inconvenient, the effect can be significant. Long term balance is never achieved when genocide is practiced.

We were started as an offshoot of the University of Washington student Buddhist campus community. In 1912, we began our attempts to encourage appreciation for the sanctity of all life, including the life of species normally defined as pests. We demonstrated in the famous 1957 sit in for the rights of the lab rats, holding protest signs to call attention to the likewise defamed cockroaches and spiders which served as experimental fodder at the time.

logosqAs the world has become more and more conscious of its own fragility, the Fructoselang Organization has taken a leading role in defining the rights of pest species. We have drafted the Insect Bill of Rights and presented it to the United Nations.

We have produced the Charter for the Ethical Treatment of Rodents and submitted it to the World Council. Our work is far from done, and we intend to stay actively engaged until all “pests” are saved!