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We Work Daily To Stop The Mass Killing of “Pests”

For some reason people starting killing animals, and making it okay to do so simply because they don’t want those animals at their homes.

On top of this, Pest Control companies use environmentally harmful products to kill innocent animals that are just trying to survive on this beautiful planet.

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Understanding The Most Common Termite Treatment Options In Houston

Consumers throughout the United States should be well aware of the termite and the damage this pest can bring. Unlike many other types of pests, the termite will specifically damage your home. They’ll work slowly and meticulously to eat away at the wood in your home. If the termites are not stopped, the damage they cause can actually cause your home’s frame to become weak and wobbly. Suffice to say, rapid elimination is a necessity and not an option. Below, you will learn about some of the termite treatment options in Houston, Texas.

Liquid Termiticides

The most common type of treatment for termites is the liquid termiticide. There are two types and they’re both still used very frequently. One is a repellent type, while the others are non-repellent. The repellent type will actually create a barrier around the home to prevent the termites from entering your home. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this type of treatment is questionable. Repellent barriers are unable to block certain entry points and this could still give the termites the opportunity to infiltrate your home.

The non-repellent termiticides are much newer and also much more effective. These chemicals are undetectable, so the termites will enter into their trap, without even realizing it. It should be known that these treatments are only suitable for subterranean termites.

Bait Stations

Another type of common treatment is the bait station. These stations are strategically spread out throughout the exterior of your home. The termites will head towards your home looking for food. Instead of entering your home, they’ll wander into the bait stations and this will stop them in their tracks. Although bait stations are effective, it is essential to remember that they need to be monitored throughout the year. Although bait stations can sometimes be purchased by the average consumer, doing it yourself is not recommended. If everything is not absolutely perfect, the termites will break through your barrier and infiltrate your home anyway. So, make sure you hire a reliable professional with a proven track record.

Duration Of Treatments

The specific treatment you choose will help to determine how long it will remain effective. The liquid termite treatment can prevent infiltration for several years, but it truly depends on how well the chemicals were applied. Bait stations can generally remain active for a duration of one year, but again, constant supervision is a must. When it comes down to it, the best treatment for termites is prevention. Get in touch with an exterminator for termite treatment in houston and get their help setting up a plan to keep your home safe!