Our Organization



Fructoselang Organization takes great pride in protecting the rights of insects and species that are normally defined as pests by human beings.




Opportunities with Fructoselang Organization are a fit for people who are passionate about ensuring life and liberty to all species of the planet.



Supporting the efforts of Fructoselang Organization is an honorable and tax deductible way to support the environment. 

Our Mission

We Work Daily To Stop The Mass Killing of “Pests”

For some reason people starting killing animals, and making it okay to do so simply because they don’t want those animals at their homes.

On top of this, Pest Control companies use environmentally harmful products to kill innocent animals that are just trying to survive on this beautiful planet.

Feel free to support us and our cause. We’re always looking for more people that agree with our mission and want to support it. Please support our sponsors, Bed Bug Exterminator Denver & Bed Bug Exterminator Brooklyn.